At Foconow we’ve been pretty lathered up about some things we’ve got in the works but for now we just wanted to take a moment to touch base and reconnect with you all. Most importantly we wanted to remind everyone of an amazing interview we had with Trenton Doyle Hancock. Just last fall we got […]

contriviality (n.): 1. conviviality that is trivial- in content, nature, and/or tone.  synonym. unnecessary niceties     


Here at Foconow we’ve been on hiatus for a while, but it would not be like us to come back without something amazing to share. A while back Christmas Rene Ivory-Thomas had the opportunity to sit down with internationally known and highly respected creator and visionary, Ann Hamilton. This award winning artist needs little introduction […]

Photo credit: Kramer O'Neil

Tucked away underneath a fading awning in Greenpoint, Brooklyn is a fantastic place- a unique and terribly exciting non-profit artist and exhibition space, Cleopatra’s. Taking the name from the awning out front (from the former deli), Cleopatra’s was created by four women to approach the art world with a different take on presenting artists and their work. […]


If you’ve never seen the work of Joanna Wezyk, today is your luckiest of days!  We at foconow are already enchanted. Her work is spirited, at times haunting, and always emotive.  She has a fanciful perspective that critically examines the connective narratives, myths and conceptual ideas we all experience. Her paintings reveal some of her […]

Sometimes we lose sight of the little things. With natural habitats for fish, coral, and so many underwater species disappearing everyday, it seems as though the human race is carrying on ignoring the ills of these small yet crucial partners of the life here on Earth. Yet, not all people overlook these little creatures, most […]


We’re sorry for the delay dear friends, we’re slow on recovery over here and the coming of this New Year (Chinese of course) was one of unmeasurable excitement. Now, our wondrous treat, a very special foconow interview with the young, talented, Maryland based, John Bohl! This groovy new artist really blew us away with color […]


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